The Latino Century: How America's Largest Minority Is Transforming Democracy (Hardcover)

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An insightful investigation of how and why the two major political parties have failed to appeal to the Latino vote—the second largest ethnic voting group in the country—and the impact it will have on American democracy and politics for decades to come.

In 2020, Latinos became the second largest ethnic voting group in the country. They make up the largest plurality of residents in the most populous states in the union, as well as the fastest segment of the most important swing states in the US Electoral College. Fitting neither the stereotype of the aggrieved minority voter nor the traditional assimilating immigrant group, Latinos are challenging both political parties' notions of race, religious beliefs, economic success, and the American dream. Given their exploding numbers—and their growing ability to determine the fate of local, state, and national elections—you’d think the two major political parties would understand Latino voters. After all, their emergence on the national scene is not a new phenomenon. But they still don’t.

Republicans, not because of their best efforts but rather despite them, are just beginning to see a movement of Latinos toward the GOP. Democrats, for the moment, still win a commanding share of the Latino vote, but that share is dwindling fast. Now, in The Latino Century, veteran political consultant Mike Madrid uses thirty years of research and campaign experience at some of the highest levels on both sides of the aisle to address what might be the most critical questions of our time: Will the rise of Latino voters continue to foment the hyper-partisan and explosive tribalism of our age or will they usher in a new pluralism that advances the arc of social progress? How and why are both political parties so uniquely unprepared for the coming wave of Latino votes? And what must each party do to win those votes?

By answering these questions, The Latino Century explores the true meaning of America at a time of rapid cultural change, the founding principles of self-government and individual responsibility, and one man’s journey through a political party that has turned itself inside out.

About the Author

Mike Madrid is a veteran American political consultant, one of the country’s authoritative experts on Latino voters, and a cofounder of The Lincoln Project. A graduate of Georgetown University, he served as the press secretary for the California Assembly Republican leader, as the political director for the California Republican Party, and as senior adviser to both Democrats and Republicans. He is a partner in GrassrootsLab, a political consulting firm in California.

Praise For…

“In the right hands, with the skill and courage to wield it, this book is a weapon for winning—not just campaigns, but the battle for the soul of our nation.” —Ron Steslow, cofounder of the Lincoln Project

“America is changing and for Mike Madrid, this American century will not be just black and white, it will be a Latino one! In The Latino Century, Madrid reveals how the growing political influence of Latinos is already writing compelling new chapters in America’s story.” —Michael Steele, former RNC chairman

“Provides extraordinary insight into America’s fastest-growing segment of voters, and thus a detailed road map of where America’s democracy is headed. Politicians in both parties would be wise to read it and take heed.” —George Conway, cofounder of the Lincoln Project

The Latino Century offers a hopeful perspective on how Latinos are revitalizing the very idea of America.” —Antonio Villaraigosa, former mayor of Los Angeles

“Mike Madrid knows what he’s talking about—and what the rest of us should be thinking about. The Latino Century gets right what the media and politicians and consultants on both sides get wrong. A timely and compelling read.” —John Pérez, former speaker of the California State Assembly

“A brilliantly written, must-read book for anyone who wishes to understand the enigmatic, dynamic, diverse, and growing Hispanic community. Offers a comprehensive assessment of the beauty and challenges facing those who want to reach this amazing community.“ —Rosario Marin, first and only immigrant woman treasurer of the United States

The Latino Century is a wake-up call to both political parties and they’d best pay attention.” —Jim Brulte, former California Republican Party chairman and Senate leader

“Mike Madrid has few peers understanding the dynamic and often misunderstood Latino political community. This is the first serious book documenting the American experience of Hispanic/Latino populations.” —Shawn Steel, RNC committee member and former chairman of the California Republican Party

“Written by the most talented data analyst in politics, The Latino Century shares not only Mike Madrid’s thirty years of experience in political data, but an in-depth examination of where both major political parties have failed Latino Americans and what they must do to win them over.” —Jennifer Horn, cofounder of the Lincoln Project

“Should be on the desk of every campaign manager, on every political science syllabus, and read by every business leader wanting to tap into the latino market." — Sofia Kinzinger, Former Press Secretary to Spanish Language Media for the RNC

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