Exodus: The Exodus Revelation by Trey Smith (Hardcover)

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Exodus: This presentation of the Exodus is likely the mos most unusual in the world. It is a factual journey through the real Joseph, and the real Pharaoh of the Exodus. Greater than all this, the evidence of the real Exodus is brought to life. The book is Full Color with charts, graphs, and HD Imagery by Trey Smith.

Exodus by Trey Smith is likely one of the BEST PRESENTATIONS of the EXODUS ever presented.

Each plague of the Exodus is shown to repesent a "god" of Egypt, that is being challenged by the TRUE GOD of the universe. These "gods" begin with a message to the serpent. Each god and his cooresponding plague is brought to life in HD imagery and step-by-step explanation.

We begin the book with the true identity of Osiris Egypt's "god of the dead." And, his father Amun, who is one of the gransons of Noah's son Ham.

We go through the full evidence of Joseph in Egypt.

Further, we take a journey to where the Hebrews lived in Egypt, right next to the Pharaoh of the Exodus. Also, the imagery of the priests throwing their staffs to become snakes on ancient tomb walls.

The answers to many of Egypt's largest mysteries may come to full color life in this journey.

The book goes hand-in-hand with PreFlood and Nimrod also by Trey Smith. But, Exodus can be read all it own if you wish.

Exodus by Trey Smith

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