Enuma Elish (Paperback)

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The Enuma Elish is widely known as the classic Akkadian creation myth, passed down from the Sumerian, and replete with all the gods one has come to expect from ancient mythology. But is this an accurate reading? Were our ancestors superstitious rubes who relied on supernatural forces to explain their own existence? Or did they perhaps know another story that we have long forgotten, but whose truths continue to echo in our subconscious and in modern-day technological phenomena.

A fresh interpretation for a technological age, this is the first analysis of this ancient text to incorporate software engineering, navigational algorithms, and biotechnology into the Sumerian traditions in a wholly systematic and integrated way. Avoiding wild interjection, but reading the text as an experienced engineer, Goudsward allows the story to tell itself, free from the constraining assumptions of gods and their religious trappings.

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ISBN: 9781989940396
ISBN-10: 1989940390
Publisher: Dimensionfold Publishing
Publication Date: January 10th, 2022
Pages: 84
Language: English